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Vi 3 days ago

Chicken Bowl

The Chicken Bowl with avocado adds on is the most addicting dish ever. I can eat it for days and days to come. The chicken just the right amount of seasoning with the balance of salty and sweetness, where it leaves you wanting more. The grilled chicken with the charcoal smells. Yum 😋 I will definitely come back for more. All their ingredients are fresh and not to include their service, which is exceptional.

Dalehigley about 1 month ago

Shrimp Yakisoba

Excellent flavor

Ldjonesreed about 1 month ago

Chicken Teriyaki Plate

Excellent quality and taste ! I was craving healthy and tasty food, glad that I remembered Jinza , I was driving in the area, looking for something of good quality and good taste nearby, while I was on my way to a meeting ! Excellent choice !

Gekerr1983 about 2 months ago

Chicken Salad

My go-to order fora low carb option, with dressing on the side

Amberlingenfelter 3 months ago

Chicken Bowl

The best chicken bowl around! Delish!! My favorite lunch spot.

Nanicouwenberg 3 months ago

Chicken Bowl

Don't forget the white sauce! I originally started out getting beef bowls and switched to chicken on a whim. It was a great decision. Best way to do it is order a chicken bowl in a box with white sauce. You won't be disappointed!

Carlosruelas1226 3 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

Really good beef was very good not too juicy not too dry

Phosea 4 months ago

Chicken Teriyaki Plate

This chicken teriyaki has a nice char and is really good. Definitely would come back for this!

Jlarr788 4 months ago

Chicken Bowl

I highly recommend jinza's chicken and beef rice bowls. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy jinza, to be honest lol. I'm not a huge meat eater but I'll always go to jinza because its so consistently great and the food comes so fast.

Cota 5 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

I always get the beef bowl with green onions and an egg on top. I also add teriyaki sauce, sriracha, and the special white sauce. This is probably the best beef bowl I have ever had. It never gets old, even when I come twice a week. For the price, it is great value!

Bennycastillo626 5 months ago

Beef or Pork Yakisoba

Had the Beef Yakisoba! SUPER FRESH and made to order! I loved all of the different vegetables mixed in with the dish and the beef was nice and tender! The sauce is nice and subtle adding a great flavor to the overall dish. This one is definitely a must try! Add a little Siracha and you find yourself in noodle heaven!

Anastasia 6 months ago

Chicken Bowl

I work a few minutes from Jinza Teriyaki. A few of my co-workers had recommended this place and they also recommended the spicy chicken bowl with avocado and a fried egg on top. While I haven't tried the other menu items, I have been here a few times just to order the spicy chicken bowl with avocado and a fried egg. The portion is good and it's worth the $10. The staff had been very friendly everytime I went in for a visit and the wait hadn't been long. The wait hadn't been long, but of course, I go during the week after 5:30pm (they close at 7pm). Eventually I will try a few of their other menu items.

Jay 7 months ago

Chicken Platter

One of the main reasons why people come here --- for the chicken!

Jay 7 months ago

Spam Musubi Platter

Amazing! Spam Musubi is a must order!

Breedyc 7 months ago

Chicken Bowl

I've only had this 6 times in the past month and I've been obsessed ever since. This is my go to when I'm craving some good food and company.

Pgholden 7 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

I have been eating at Jinza for over 3 years now and I have never had a bad experience. The food is always incredible! Also Jinza is a great upstanding business that loves to partner with clubs and organizations to help them raise thousands of dollars every year for a diverse set of causes. Great food, great people.

Dk861002 7 months ago

Chicken & Tempura

I've been coming here since 2005 when it was just a half of a restaurant of what it is right now. Everytime I call to order togo, John always says 'jinza' in his tone and it never gets old. Used to be family owned and operated and the whole family was like my own and the quality of food never changes and it is always top notch. Remember when a chicken bowl was $3.50 and it was always so generous. And 14 years later, my life has changed but the food at jinza never changed and always makes me reminisce my days in college. Literally tried everything on their menu but my goto item is chicken and tempura. Love this place!

Vargasjosh96 8 months ago

Beef and Chicken Combo Platter

The plate was delicious, the beef has such a great taste and the chicken isn't dry. Followed up by the salad with the white sauce is my favorite

Jtsuei21 10 months ago

Chicken & Beef Combo

Meat always comes out flavorful and is never dry. They're very generous with their portions so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

Geoff 10 months ago

Chicken & Beef Combo

Lately I have been getting the chicken & beef combo plate. I love it! The marinade they use for the meat is quite amazing! I could eat it all day. There have been times I have gone to Jinza 3 times in a week with different people because it's just that good. Jinza is a religious experience lol.

Alpizaremiliano047 16 days ago

Chicken Teriyaki Plate

On top of the amazing service the food especially the chicken is one of their best items on the menu especially the chicken plate

Yaoyao8801 about 1 month ago

Chicken Bowl

This is my go to lunch meal since I work in the area. I substitute the rice for veggies to make sure I'm getting my protein and fiber! So healthy, so delicious

I about 1 month ago

Chicken Bowl

My go to spot for Chicken Teriyaki! The combination of hot sauce and extra teriyaki sauce, sometimes white sauce, is amazing. Great portion of chicken and rice for the cost of the bowl. Tip: If you frequent here often, be sure to sign up for their rewards program to receive a free bowl. Just remember to provide your phone number before you pay.

Gekerr1983 about 2 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

My favorite bowl, but if you like spice make it spicy for a little extra. Totally worth it

Dsedillo23 3 months ago

Chicken Bowl

One of my go-to places for a tasty lunch. Flavors all come together perfectly. You have to ask for the white sauce!

Ksosh0509 3 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

It was great and fast!

Darlene 3 months ago

Beef Plate

I had the beef plate it was so good it not dry and the dressing that comes with it is the bomb I wont go any other restaurant for teriyaki beef because this is delicious and the salad and the dressing that come together they all just blend well together love love love their teriyaki beef pork or chicken

Jonathanlobo7 4 months ago

Beef Plate

The savory beef and rice is complimented by the spicy cabbage it comes with. The cabbage just has a hint of spiciness which can act as an appetiser to the beef or eaten with it. I've recommended this place to all my friends.

Avaguilera 5 months ago

Chicken Bowl

It was absolutely delicious. Get the chicken bowl with vegetables, avocado, fried egg, and you will be brought to paradise. Delicious. Literally tastes like salvation. I get it every weekend at least!!!

Noelcordero96 5 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

Very Delicious !

Bchicag773 6 months ago

Chicken Bowl

I've never taken my time to do a review but this is by far my favorite place for my lunch. Its what reminds me of home and makes my stomach be full with joy

Xiobella12 6 months ago

Chicken Bowl

Super delicious and inexpensive, hits the spot for sure

Jay 7 months ago


The dressing is what makes this salad so tasty!

Hawaiiansurfbolt 7 months ago

Beef Plate

Plate was delicious! The bst part is the affordable cost, especilly for a CPP student! Totally reccomend!

Bconic84 7 months ago

Chicken & Beef Combo

The chicken is grilled to perfection. You some pieces that are nice and crispy on the ends that changes the flavor completely. But the beef! The BEEF!! It's amazing! Thin slices and grilled with all the juices. Simply put just get the beef. You won't be disappointed. And the rice is rice. You can't really spice up rice. It's good.

Cppultimate 7 months ago

Beef Bowl or Pork Bowl

Gotta love the beef bowl with white sauce! We have Jinza cater our Cal Poly Pomona Ultimate Frisbee banquet every year in May.

Jasonmmorrow1 8 months ago

Chicken Bowl

The meat at Jinza has never let me down, it is never dry, always tender, always delicious, and is made all the better by their white sauce. The teriyaki bowls and plates are a great deal, always please, and are made at fast food speed with restaurant quality!

Orozco1ma 9 months ago

Chicken Bowl

This is my favorite place to eat. Chicken veggie bowl is always perfect and customer service is always on point. Thank you for always making my day when eating at your restaurant. Jinza Teriyaki Forever!!!

Devenrud 10 months ago

Chicken & Spicy Tuna Roll

Sooooooooo good! Had it last week, and about to order it again today! The chicken is cooked perfectly every time, the veggies are crisp, and the spicy tuna roll complements everything perfectly! Bring your appetite or plan on having leftovers because the portions are generous!

R 11 months ago

Chicken Bowl

I love so close to this place and never tried the food here but i am so glad that i did. I have only tried the teriyaki but I am so excited to try everything else there on the menu. Everything is extremely affordable and the portions are huge. I would definitely recommend this place for a quick lunch or dinner pick up. It does get busy during lunch so i would recommend ordering over the phone for pick up!


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